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Intelligent Access

Future Hub Unlimited Downloads and Unlimited Access to Digital Trend Mags

Future Hub™ Intelligent Access helps grow Employee, Student and Jobseeker Intelligence through Unlimited Access + Unlimited Downloads of Digital Trend Mags for Licensee Partners.

Future Hub will transform a Billion people to #BecomeFutureReady™. Our Digital Trend Mags are designed to give people access to Trend Analytic content, Social Media Analytics, Future Predications and providing Pathways to prepare for change ahead.

Future Hub Intelligent Access Suits > Educational Institutions, Recruitment Companies and Business Organisations with 180+ customers and members.   

How it Works > Businesses and Educational Institutions pay a monthly fee suitable to their member usage size for Unlimited Access and Unlimited Downloads to Future Hub Trend Mags. The monthly fee is calculated based on the size of an organisation and in some cases equals the cost of a cup of coffee per user per year.

We give each organisation a unique Promotional Code to apply at checkout to ensure access is going to approved users and ensures accurate measurement of usage for our Licensed Partners.

Interested? > Please contact our Global Licensing Department for a bespoke package suitable to your organisation.

Deryll Naidoo
+61 402 592 102

Simon Turton
Head of Global Partnerships
+44 7 875 943 437

Kane Ransley
Head of Asia Pacific Partnerships
+61 426 244 410


Why> 60% of the worlds Top Jobs by 2027 have not been invented yet. There is a new breed of employee in market. They are knowledgeable, tech savvy, entrepreneurial and are charging forward to challenge every job.

Future Hub Digital Trend Mags are created to help Parents > Kids > Students > Employees  > Top Level Management > C-Suite Executives > Entrepreneurs >  Social Influencers navigate through rapidly Shifting Markets, Trending Categories and Disruptive Industries. Our Trend Mags truly shine when PREDICTING FUTURE IMPACTS and OPPORTUNITIES for each trend giving students and employees a competitive edge from the start of their education journey throughout their careers. This is the stuff you can't Google.

Future Hub™ Intelligent Access is a Licensed Arrangement suitable for Enterprise Businesses, Education Institutions and Recruitment Companies who want to give their customers and/or entire organisation ongoing access to the latest Trending information shifting our world today.


Made for Employees and Top Level Management > Future Hub™ Digital Trend Mags helps bring intelligence into the workplace. In today's workforce, it is proven that experience is being replaced by a smart sense of ones self, backed up by knowledge and ability to shift quickly. Whether your employees are career starters or top level management, Future Hub Trend Mags will give them an edge in taking that next step, becoming a proven leader or intrepreneur your business needs.   

Key Benefits to Employees are:

> Quantified Analytical Research for Projects
> Economic Market Trend Intelligence
> Market First Products and Services Knowledge
> Strategies to Implement Change
> Better Workplace and Team Building Skills
> Self Optimised Training
> Access to Trending Networks


Made for Students > Future Hub™ Digital Trend Mags are their most important resource. It will help arm a students knowledge with insight and expand their mindset to become razor sharp throughout their educational journey.

Key Benefits to Students are:

> Quantified Analytical Research for Projects
> Economic Market Trend Intelligence
> Insight into Emerging and Shifting Career Pathways
> Career Opportunities through Internships
> Better Study Group Intelligence
> Access to Advancing Technologies
> Access to Start-Up Businesses


Made for Jobseekers > Future Hub™ Digital Trend Mags are their most important resource. It will help sharpen the mindset of the jobseeker and give them an edge when nailing that interview.

Key Benefits to Students are:

> Economic Market Trend Intelligence
> Access to Disrupting Career Pathways
> Quantified Analytical Content for Interviews
> Market First Products & Services Knowledge
> Future Hub Partner Internship Opportunities
> Access to Trends at a Low Cost


Upcoming Trend Mags for 2017/18 > This year, Future Hub™ Intelligent Access will be delivering our anticipated Top Trends 2017/18 (400 Pages +), 25+ Byte Size Trends (30 Pages +) and 5 Key Mega Trends (600 Pages +). Here is a brief snapshot for what to expect this year.